booking plugin
for Wordpress

Multipurpose system for all types of service business
Accepts payments on the site, sends SMS, Email notifications
Video conference right on your site
  • Main
  • For employees
  • For clients
Mobile app for Android 1.0 version of our mobile app will allow you to view the appointments booked via your website
Step-by-step booking form Available steps: branches, employees, services (with categories), date and time, recurring service settings, booking form.
Accepting payments on the site Integration with the most popular payment acceptance services - PayPal, Stripe, Yookassa (ex. Yandex), Woocommerce
Multiselect for services The client can book an appointment for one or several services at once
Remote services The ability to create video conferencing
Flexible customization of the booking form Ability to add custom fields to the form
Integration with popular services Twilio, Google Calendar, Recaptcha, Firebase, Paypal, Stripe, Yoo kassa, SMSC, Woocommerce, Whatsapp
Employee profile An employee can manage their appointments and edit information about themselves (name, details, photos, work schedule)
Appointments management Convenient management of appointments - filtering by dates, deleting / moving, exporting appointments to CSV
Notifications and reminders The ability to receive Email, sms notifications of new appointments, as well as reminders of upcoming appointments
Synchronization with Google Calendar Appointments booked on the site are sent to your Google calendar. You can move, delete them in the calendar and these changes will be applied on the site
Days off An employee can specify arbitrary days when he does not work
Breaks Possibility to add one or several breaks during the working day
Client area For clients authorized on the site, it is possible to view upcoming and past appointments. Also clients can cancel upcoming appointments
Notifications and reminders The ability to receive Email, sms notifications of new appointments, as well as reminders of upcoming appointments
Timezone detector If the client is in a different time zone, then he can see the available time in his time zone
Recurring appointments (subscription) For recurring services and subscriptions, the client can set up and book a visit schedule
Integration with popular services We try to connect our plugin to as many services as possible to make it even more convenient
Pricing Automate the booking process and start saving your time and money today Purchase our Regular version to get maximum functionality or try our Free version if you only need basic functionality

One-time payment for all features except for the video conferencing

Profiles for employees and clients
Email, sms notifications and reminders
Video conferencing 6 months included or extend to 12 months for only extra $27.75
Accepting payments on the site
Unlimited number of employees
Unlimited number of services
Email notifications
Plugin translated
into multiple languages
Plugin interface supports multiple languages
Deutsche Sprache
Português (brasileiro)
Try one
of the features -
video conferencing
The unique ability of our plugin to provide a service remotely. Try it yourself
Leave your email address and get a link to a demo conference room. Open this link on two devices to start conferencing.